Your Healing Session

The Quantum Touch ® Healing Experience

We will begin the session with a quick conversation in order for me to learn more about your current state of being. You will then lay down comfortably while I set up the environment to be as relaxing as can be with soothing music and warm lighting. Keep in mind, you will be fully clothed during your session. It is advised that you wear clothing you feel comfortable laying down in.

I will gently place my hands on or above the area that needs healing. There is no pressure or strict sequence being that I work with my own intuition as well as your guidance.

The treatment feels very natural. Most people would describe the Quantum Touch ® experience as being relaxing, instilling a great sense of peace and calm. Stress and tension are released and pain often disappears after a very short period of time. Quantum Touch ® can provide balance, healing, comfort and postural realignment.


Pet Healing

I also perform healings for pets! If your pet is suffering from physical or emotional pain, we can perform healing sessions to help him or her regain their strength and playful energy. I will gently place my hands on or above the area in need of healing. Our dog, Buster, LOVES his sessions. It relaxes him and relieves his pain almost immediately.

Your pets will love their day at the healing spa!


Healing in Spanish

Do you feel more comfortable speaking in Spanish? Not a problem! I am completely fluent in Spanish, so feel free to write to me and speak to me in Spanish if that is what you feel most comfortable doing. I know, first hand, how difficult it can be to express your feelings in another language, which is why I am happy to be able to serve and heal the Hispanic community.

Acompáñame en este proceso de transformación! Juntos conseguiremos el balance y salud integral de nuestro ser físico, emocional y espiritual…



60 minute sessions: $90
30 minute sessions: $45

Book your session (or your pets!) today to begin your healing process.

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