Welcome to B Eternal!


I am so happy to welcome you to the amazing world of Energy Healing where you will finally reencounter a balanced, happier and healthier YOU.

Life and the Universe have so many wonderful experiences for us to discover…we simply have to awaken our capacity of curiosity, wonder and openness.

B Eternal is just one of the many doors where you can start your journey of discovery, and I am so honored that you have decided to open it and give us a little peek. Browse through the site to learn all about the process of Energy Healing and the power of Quantum Touch®.

We are in the magical process of remodeling our new healing space. Stay tuned for our grand opening in the next few weeks! Also, be sure to check back on the B Eternal blog for more information and helpful tips to help guide you through the world of Energy Healing. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are just one email away!

The Key to a wonderful Life is to never stop wandering Into Wonder

~ Suzy Kassem

All my love and light,

Marcela Paez

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