Truly a Miracle

The Accident

“I want to share a terrifying yet wonderful experience my family went through this past month. Terrifying because the acts of violence my family experienced could have brought terrible consequences to us, but wonderful because of the results we were able to obtain.

It is no secret to anyone the unimaginable amount of violence we are experiencing in Venezuela. Every day we walk out on the streets and live in anguish knowing that our personal safety is at risk. Too many Venezuelans are now victims of this violence, in one way or another.

On Sunday August 23rd, during the early hours of the evening, my husband was getting ready to leave the house. He got out of his car to close the garage only to find himself surrounded by two robbers. In the blink of an eye, my husband was shot on either side of his neck causing him to collapse to the pavement. We rushed him to the nearest hospital and he was taken care of immediately.”


The Prognosis

IMG_3903“By midnight his prognosis was uncertain: one of the bullets, the one that pierced the left side of his neck, fractured one vertebrae (missing his spinal cord by 4mm), then continued on to fracture three ribs, then pierced his right lung and shot out through his side. His thorax was filled with blood and his right lung had collapsed. They made an incision in his chest after which he lost at least 1 liter of blood.

The second bullet entered through the right side of his neck and made its way up towards his brain, but miraculously remained superficial without making too much damage and proceeded to shoot out through the posterior part of his head. To add to this, his fall to the pavement caused him to dislocate a finger on his right hand.

Due to his injuries, the doctors left my husband in the ICU and warned me that even though he was stable, his injuries were very delicate and could make turn for the worse at any moment. They placed him in a neck brace and told him he would need to use it for 6 weeks.

The next night, the doctor decided to move my husband out of the ICU where he could continue monitoring him yet give him the ability to see his family and friends.

By Tuesday, you could already notice his recovery. He was able to get up, eat and even received a special visit from our 9 year old son.”



The Incredible Results

“From here on out, everything started improving at a great rate. So much so, that by Saturday the 29th, less that a week after the accident, the doctors told him he was allowed to go home!”


“After one week of being home, we went for his check up and learned that this thorax and lung were in good condition. The following Tuesday, they removed his cast to find that his dislocated finger had healed optimally. We were now able to leave the house a bit and visit the family, who were surprised to see how well he was recovering.”


“The most surprising thing, however, happened two weeks later. We arrived for his check up with the neurosurgeon where he checked the x-rays of his spine, taken that same day. With much surprise, the doctor said he could remove the neck brace because the vertebrae was already in a state where it would heal correctly, no matter what. This meant my husband could start living his life normally again! We were even allowed to go on a trip, which we had postposed due to the accident. 

IMG_3908Tomorrow, September 23rd, marks one month since the horrible accident my husband had to endure, and we now find him in such great condition that it is hard for people to believe that it ever happened.

We are so grateful to God and our family and friends who supported us through this time. But we are especially grateful for Marcela, simply for being who she is. Within hours of learning about the accident, she began the Distant Healing process with my husband. We simply trusted her and left it in her hands. Miraculously, we were able to reach these incredible results. The way she does what she does is truly fascinating!”

~Elba A. (Caracas, Venezuela)


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