Goodbye Back Pain!

No More Days in Bed

Yeka1“Since December of 2012, I have been suffering from terrible back pain due to 2 discs located between L5-L4-S1, which was causing me to stay in bed (for at least 10 days) with a lot of pain and without mobility. I tried everything to help ease the pain, acupuncture, physiotherapy, injections with pain killers, but nothing actually took the pain away.

So in December of last year, I did 3 healing therapies with Marcela Paez. I must admit, since then I said goodbye to those long painful days in bed. Thanks to this therapy the pain has reduced immensely. I have mobility, I can walk perfectly and, every now and then, I can even wear my small heeled shoes again (which I had not been able to wear since January of 2013 due to my back pains).

I have noticed as well that after these healing my memory has improved a lot. I noticed this when I was doing a yoga TT course, and I couldn’t cope with memorizing the names of the muscles and bones. Nevertheless, I noticed that after the healing therapies I took with Marcela, I had more facility in learning these.



What impacts me the most is that I can actually feel the energy when Marcela is doing the healing, even from far away (as I’m currently living in Athens, Greece).

I’m very very happy with how much I have improved thanks to Marcela’s healing!”

~ Yessika M. (Athens, Greece)

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