A Different Outlook on Life

My Angel Helped Me Heal

IMG_3970It all started one Friday afternoon in the spring. I was laying down on the couch in what has been my house for the last 13 years when I received a WhatsApp message from my Angel, Marcela. I was so happy! We talked about how she could help me heal, I sent her my health status and we got to work. To this day, I am excited for our sessions together, a time that is absolutely dedicated to myself, a time where everything else just stops.

Since I started my healings, my life has changed considerably. I noticed how I was opening up little by little and how everything in my life was flowing the way it should without me even noticing. My life started to have a different meaning. I made important decisions regarding my health.

My WhatsApp conversations with Marcela triggered me to reflect a lot and to be fully conscious of what was happening to me. Every phrase that she wrote to me would stay fresh in my head, making me reflect on the life I was living and how I could make it better, simply by changing my attitude.

Every since my Angel arrived
My heart began to open up
My heaviness began to lift away
My vision began to clear
My problems began to dissolve
My sadness turned into happiness
My sorrow into joy
I see life in a different way, I look for the positive side of things.

Thank you, my Angel. I am forever grateful.”

~ Ana M P. (Gran Canaria, Spain)

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